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A program to list the numbers from 0 to 25, their squares, square roots, fourth power and fourth root.

This is actually a problem in C programming language. The output of my answer should be in a neat five-column format.
Honestly, i already made the prelimary answer to my problem. My answer is 80% correct but the problem is that "the output is not written in a neat five-column format".
Actually, my first intention is to rate 150 points only because i need this ASAP and the fact that i already solved the 80% of my answer! However, since the worth of my points i placed is not anymore sufficient (according to the computer), so i have to lower it down to 85 points.
Thanks again!
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1 Solution

for (int i=0; i<26; i++)
i, i*i, sqrt(i), i*i*i*i, sqrt(sqrt(i)));
Private Sub Command1_Click()
For inI = 1 To 25
Picture1.Print inI, inI ^ 2, ;
Picture1.Print Round(inI ^ (0.5), 3), ;
Picture1.Print inI ^ 4;
Picture1.Print , Round(inI ^ (0.25), 3)
Next inI
End Sub
Sorry, missed the C language part
chatleAuthor Commented:
Comment for EDDYKT:

  Thanks for your answer.Actually you did the right thing. We both have the same answer. What's lacking to mine is that of the \t. For your effort. i'll rate you 85.

Comment for Jacamar:
   Thank you also for your effort. However, your answer is in visual basic. I have to say...sorry for your answer.

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