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Terminal Server Licensing Service

***I would like to Set up a Citrix/Terminal Server in 2nd Office that can take over if the 1st office becomes unavailable.

***In order to do this, I believe I need a Terminal Services Licensing Server. However, if the 1st office is down, our Licensing Server will be down as well.

***How do I handle this?

***Do I need to get a seperate License for the 2nd location?

***what companies are supposed to do in this situation?  How do you provide redundancy for the Terminal Server Licensing Service?

Thanks in Advance
1 Solution
It is generally recommended to have seperate Licensing server for each site/location; in your case especially where you want to provide redundancy. Hope this helps.
You might want to provide an additional DC server in the remote site that is if you are running AD. The server doesnat have to be anything fancy, just for authentication and licensing.

Take a look at this article and post some more info on your AD/Site design and we will see what we can come up with for you.


Dawne :)

Teaman27Author Commented:
The right way to achieve high availability is to have multiple (usually two) per domain (or workgroup or site). Put all licenses on one licensing server, and leave the other empty. The full one is the primary licensing server and will service all license requests. If the primary fails:

Clients that already have licenses will still be able to connect. Terminal Services does not look to the licensing server unless a license is needed.
Clients with licenses that are about to expire have seven days to contact a licensing server with licenses, which means you have a week to get your primary running again.
Clients that have never had a license will be issued a temporary license by the backup licensing server and can connect for 90 days. Once the primary is restored it will replace the temporary license with a full one at the next client connection.
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