Porting an image upload script Linux to W2K

Can someone tell me from the code chunk below if there is an obvious reason why the image upload script I have been using works fine on Linux/Apache but not on W2K/IIS? I have included the few lines of script that do the actual work of creating the image file on the remote server - the script runs fine but corrupts the image on upload. This is not consistant - sometimes the image won't display in the browser, sometimes it appears but is visibly messed up, plus the OS can never report it's properties.

open (OUTFILE, ">$basedir/$fileName")||die(print "can't open");

while (my $bytesread = read($file, my $buffer, 1024)) {
print OUTFILE $buffer;
close (OUTFILE);

Any help much appreciated.

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Add the line below after open

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Linux don't have separate binary mode and text mode.
Windows does.
the file seperator in windows is "\", in unix its "/"

that could be part of your problem too.

stusbikeshedAuthor Commented:
Thanks RJ2!

I've not had a chance to check it yet but I had a thought that this could be the problem too. Your confirmation earns 200 points. Thanks again.

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