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Pass value to database and load variables

In my flash application, it is a map which enables the user to drag and drop the instances to the position they want. 3 arrays are used to store all the x coordinate, y coordinate and the instance name. These values is needed to send to the database. After that, I have to load back these variables from the database into flash and generate the map.

I have tried to use the "fscommand" function to pass the value to a javascript function which sits on the JSP page. But it doesn't work. my question is How to pass a variable or even an array to the JSP page? And how can I load the values from the database back into my flash application and generate the map?

Really thanks for your professional and kind reply.
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Hi... you can use flash's LoadVars command... assuming you're using Flash MX. You can utilize the sendAndLoad function which as its name suggests - sends the variables you want - and loads any variables that are passed back to it from the other application (JSP)


myLoadVars = new LoadVars();
myLoadVars.onLoad = getData;
myLoadVars.xCoord = _root.xCoord;
myLoadVars.yCoord = _root.yCoord;
myLoadVars.zCoord = _root.zCoord;
myLoadVars.sendAndLoad("page.jsp", myLoadVars, "POST");

function getData()
  if(myLoadVars.dataVariable ne "")
    //put your code here for what you want to do if the variable returned from jsp exists
    //the variable does not exist...

String xCoord = request.getParameter("xCoord");
String yCoord = request.getParameter("yCoord");
String zCoord = request.getParameter("zCoord");

Then do your database connection...

To pass values back to flash (which will be read in by the
sendAndLoad command use:


Hope this helps

apurplebelleAuthor Commented:
Hi, Thanks for your answer. But I wanna know if I have 3 arrays in Flash storing many values each, can the string defined in JSP retrieves all the values from an array? Since what i wanna do is to send those 3 arrays to the JSP. Should I use a for loop to do that?

Also, How can i put the variables which passed from jsp to flash into the instances? say I wanna load back the x coordinate and y coordinate and its name to the instance.

What I have done in the past is loop thru each array in flash and create a concatenated string separated by say a "|".

So you would have the following code
for(i=0; i<xArray.length; i++)
  xcoordString += xArray[i] + "|";

then you can pass the variable xcoordString to the jsp as shown above

Then in your jsp you can recreate each array by using the string.split("|") command in jdk 1.4.

As for when you pass back the xcoord and ycoord - if you use out.print("&xcoord=x&ycoord=y"); from your jsp, this will pass back to flash the name value pair myLoadVars.xcoord = x; and myLoadVars.ycoord = y;

The sendAndLoad command specifies a target - in this case it is myLoadVars - but you could make it _root if you want to refer to your variables with _root.xcoord.

Hope this helps

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