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Most of EE's pages are generally dark gold and grey coloured (or gray colored if you want) except for the BRIGHT YELLOW New! link next to storage on the menu. Newbies click this because their question is *new* and they end up in one of the only pages on the site without the New! link - the storage TA - so they look at the page a bit closer and see the 'ask your question' link and click it and ask...

Why do I ask this question here rather than CS or bugs when in reality there isn't a New! link but it is part of the storage link which is a new TA? Because I think we ought to be redirecting the user to the correct TA (and CS for refund) rather than answer unrelated questions here.
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If the idiots don't understand how the web works with "new" next to a link that has just been added to the site, they don't need to be using a computer!!!!

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I've expressed this before, I think each TA should have a form of super-expert to redirect the misplaced questions.

The storage topic had strange Q's before. I dunno on why they had to move it to the top of the list just to add the word new to it, but I agree, it became counterproductive.

But overall, it seems that improper questions are asked in nearly every TA, more often by seeming newbies, who discover EE through unknown means, possibly a google device that calls up a specific TA. I have mixed feelings about responding to those who take zero time to figure out what EE is about, or to have even a concept of topics; such that they would also be inclined to be as thoughtless in their own questions and their resolution. I think their participation is essential for that.

I also think there's an increasing number of newbies who aren't. Whether they create a new ID for every question, or whether they are trying to reach alternative answers by subterfuge, including reasking same wuestion in different TA. These folk are also more likely to not abide by EE policies, including participating in own question or ever awarding points or acknowledging resolution. I have no current solution for that, but IMO having some method to move questions to more appropriate TA would be a good start. Askers can get eMail on any activity and esily find their question, proving they were sufficiently legit to sign on with EM addy that they actually access.
andyalderAuthor Commented:
http://rewrite.experts-exchange.com - looks like they are going to put storage as a subset of hardware where it belongs.

http://www.experts-exchange.com/Storage/Q_20573827.html , why do people comment in threads they know nothing about? I've got storageworks ASE and we've sold a few tasksmarts but that Q scares the willies out of me. Compaq's support has gone down hill since HP bought them but I'm amazed they told him that if he reinitialised the array he'd see the old data.
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