whats the best program to use to create a website that works in Explorer and Netscape ?

whats the best program to use
to create a website that works in
Explorer and Netscape ?

without having knowledge of HTML
(or very little knowledge) ?

thanks in advance :)
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DreamWeaver from Macromedia and FrontPage from Microsoft are probably the most widely used web development software. FrontPage is easier for most people who have previous MS Office experience.

Yeah, CRagsdell is right.
FrontPage is much easier to use, but in DreamWeaver you have more possibilities, such as using of css, javascript and html 4 objects. You can create such simple things in javascript as rollovers without knowing javascript at all.
So I suggest to use DreamWeaver. You can download it at


But I suggest you to learn html. It's simple and when you'll learn it you'll understand all the possisibilities of it. The best to my mind program for those who know html well is HomeSite. You can download it at the same address as DreamWeaver.

I hope, I helped you a bit, bye.

You can use css and javascript with FrontPage as well. You can create rollovers, etc. too.

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I didn't examine the whole FrontPage, you may be right.
I use it only sometimes to create too tangled tables.

Sorry :)
Personally I would say DreamWeaver/MX is the way to go. You can set the compatibility of the code when it is generated to work under Netscape/IE/Opera/Mosaic etc. and it doesn't change your HTML code into weird characters or inserting unnecessary (junk) code like FrontPage does.

For beginner I would recommended "HTMLed Pro 3.0", it has incredible ease of use. This editor does not change your HTML code into weird character when use drag & drop or WYSIWYG.

DreamWeaver adds a lot of bloat code too- take a look at any DreamWeaver site and see how much code it throws out building a simple mouseover!

Newer versions of FrontPage only throw out bloat code in building database results, and when you use "bots" to automate things.

Newer versions of FrontPage will also allow you to set the compatability of the code to the various browsers.

Once again, I love DreamWeaver, but FrontPage isn't the devil's tool like some seem to think. Both are excellent tools!


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The best tool is experience, knowledge of HTML and CSS, and a text editor.

Next up (but well behind) is Dreamweaver.

Frontpage comes somewhere near the very end for quality.

Is there anything else we can help you with?

Just to back up what dorward is saying. Dreamweaver is the nicest and frontpage is something of a joke among web developers since it writes terrible code and likes to use proprietary MS tags. It'd be my absolute last choice.
Dreamweaver is great, i HATE frontpage ;)
This is not the comment for asked question, but the best CSS editor tool is VS dot NET, better than  FP.

LP Peter
I'm a little surprised that Frontpage has been so widely acclaimed, as a veteran user of fp98 and 2000, I wouldn't in good conscience reccomend frontpage to anyone.  

Dreamweaver MX is your tool.  It has just about everything a newbie would need in a menu or a toolbar, and for those things that it doesn't have built in, theres the extension manager that you can use to find and install new capabilities.  

For the experienced developer it offers unrivaled ease of use and code formatting options to keep your code clean and easy to read.  The Site manager itself is worth using Dreamweaver MX.  Plus, you can use any client language you like.  Macromedia is your friend.

(no I don't work for them, they work for me :)
gershaAuthor Commented:
THank you very much,

CR, sorry i coundlnt get back to u earlier.

Thanks again
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