Animation doesn't play sound on the 1st try

I have a flash animation created using Flash MX at .

The page loads a large mp3 file and then begins the movie, which is basically a slide show.

The code to load the file (given by henryww) is:

var mySound = new Sound();
mySound.loadSound("../audio/file.mp3", false);

//in another frame I start the audio
mySound.start(0, 0);

When I tested the animation on my local machine, everything worked fine. However, when I uploaded it to the webserver, the sound doesn't always play on the 1st try. I have to keep refreshing the browser to get the sound to play. I have a feeling this might have something to do with the webserver rather than Flash but I just want to throw this out to see if any of you has run into the same problem in the past. Thanks.
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that's me ... now u are holding me responsible!

LOL ...
but it works in my example right?? doesn't it?

let me check it for u
WOW ... it loaded to 300%  .... and more too ...

like i refresh the page i get a different loading % everytime ...

do u mind posting the fla so i can check it for u?
hobsterAuthor Commented:
Ok, I've uploaded the fla to and, yes, it works in your example.

Yeah, I was gonna ask about the weird loading percentage. I looked at the code and couldn't figure out why it was going past 100% :-)
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part of the reason why the sound does play is because the preloading is not finished ... the second time or 3rd time etc u can hear the sound cost u have sound already loaded (in cache) then the sound.start(); will work ...

ok ...
i have uploaded the fla, have a look and see if that helps
hobsterAuthor Commented:
Ok, I think it's getting better. However, it doesn't play the audio on the 1st try, even though the audio has been fully loaded. I have to refresh the browser.

In the code, you said the frame rate is too slow. Would it help if I increase it?
hang on let me try ....
well ...

i changed it a little bit and tested again on my own server, it seems to work ok ...

try the movie here

this is the fla again 

i don't why it wouldn't work the 1st time on ur server.....

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hobsterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I made some changes and the # of 1st time failures is going down. I'll keep monitoring these movies. Did you run into the problem when you looked at the movie?

I've downloaded your changes and will take a look at it.
no i have no problem whatsoever ... it plays everytime ... i have it on my server and emptied my IE cache ...

but i was just thinking ... u can use getTimer to jump from one frame to another, so u let the movie play for say 10sec then jump to the next frame .... therefore u don't have to have a very very long frame for 1frame/sec ...

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