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I am trying to size Text to fit a box. I want the text to fit as closely as possible. For example I have the word "Super" and I want to fit it in a box 40 pixels X 60 pixels. What do I need to tweak in order to accomplish this. I have tried messig with the point size but that dosn't give the disired effect.

Apps like corel draw, arts and letters, openoffice, etc. do this sort of thing. I just thought that maybe someone had some experience with tweaking fonts. The fonts have to be tweaked in many different ways. Some situations will produce short fat letters and others will produce tall skinny letters. I realize that it may be impossible to get a perfect fit within the box but some reasonable estimate should be possible.

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My best guess, and it is a guess, would be to draw the text to a bitmap of size TextWidth(Text) x TextHeight(Text) and then StretchDraw that bitmap to the desired rectangle.
hello qrstuvlmnop , there are several ways to size fonts for a word to fit a certain width, but to fit both the width and height, might be a problem, I would use a TMetaFile, and the suggestion of SimesA, ,  of resizing it to the dimentions you need. maybe like this -

procedure TForm1.button_FitTextClick(Sender: TObject);
Emf1: TMetaFile;
Emf1 := TMetafile.Create;
  Emf1.Enhanced := True;
  Emf1.Transparent := True;
  Canvas.Font.Name := 'Times New Roman';
  Canvas.Font.Height := -20;
  Emf1.Width := Canvas.TextWidth('Super');
  Emf1.Height := Canvas.TextHeight('Super');
{set the Emf height and width to the textHeight and textWidth}
  with TMetafileCanvas.Create(Emf1, 0) do
      SetBkMode(Handle, 1);
  {set the background Mode to Transparent}
  Canvas.Draw(100,200, Emf1);
  Emf1.Width := 60;
  Emf1.Height := 40;
{unlike a Bitmap, when you change the size of a MetaFile
everything on the metafile changes size to match the new dimentions
also there is No pixelization, when you make it larger, even
very much larger}
  Canvas.Draw(120,260, Emf1);
  Emf1.Width := 340;
  Emf1.Height := 280;
  Canvas.Draw(20,240, Emf1);


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you can resize the Emf1, by just changing the with and height, and when you draw it on a canvas it will appear like a text draw. . .  ask questions if you need more

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How about to change the font size of the textbox in order  to either get the TextWidth=60 or TextHeight=40?
qrstuvlmnopAuthor Commented:
Thank You, Slick812.
This Solution Works quite well.
I am also working on a solution that will envolve converting the font outline to a bezier curve and then resizing the curve to fit the box.  I'll post my solution if I ever get it to work.
I have tried that, but it takes more than I could do to get the font drawing functions from the font file. . .  Good Luck, and Post the code if you are able to do that
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