wireless intranet network speed ??

I have a friend wireless connected to my linksys router. He is about 250 m away.
Q: Is this normaly that the transfer over FTP is only 350 kb, but connection is set to 11 mbps (1,375 mb). How to get more kb, if it's posible?

Can somebody also tell me witch settings are the best for wireless (beacon interval, rts trshold, fragmentation treshold...)
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wyliecoyoteukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh, and I believe that the higher encryption settings can cause slowdowns too.
The further away you are, the lower the speed.
A typical setup is:
up to 50 meters=11M
50-100 meters = 8M
100-150 meters =4M
150-200 meters =1M
200 meters plus = 512K or worse, plus frequent dropped connections.
all the above are reduced by:
Walls, windows, metal, machinery, electrical noise, height of access point, number of PCs connecting to access point, compatability and speed of access point and wireless card, (e.g. some integrated laptop cards are 2 Mbit only).

In reality, I have found low end wireless at acceptable speed is limited to 50 Metres within the same building.
( running a linksys 22M access point and 2 dlink 11m cards, plus 2 compaq tablet PCs). Even with high end stuff (54M), wires  are still much faster.
I have problems streaming audio on my wireless link, but can stream video on the wires.

The default settings for the rest are probably the optimum.
At 250m, you're lucky to get connection at all unless you have a directional antenna. Typically at this distance you will only get 1-2Mb. 350kb (little 'k') is equal to roughtly 2.8Mb - not bad actually.
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mikkaaAuthor Commented:
i disagree with you. my connection now is 350 kb (2,8 mbit). so i think your typical setup info is incorrect. all cards are 11 mbit (802.11B).

I can watch movies or play audio on my friends PC with no problem. i need only better transfer rates for file sharing. i think that this is posible, but dont know how?
What kind of antennas are you using on the Access Point, and what antenna on the NIC?
mikkaaAuthor Commented:
i have original antennas on all parts. Except on my router i have put an aluminium "halfpipe" behind the antennas.

i've noticed another thing...every 1 minute the connection drops to 0 k for 1 sec. but not disconects it continues further.
Perhaps a new antenna would help:
mikkaaAuthor Commented:
yes i saw this antenna allready. this is not the right type of antenna. this antena is a directional antenna, but i need at least 180° or 360. so im thinking about the http://kyleti.aswwc.net/index.php?page=projects or waveguide antenna...

bit if i make an antenna, will there be more speed because better signal, or the same, becaouse the range is the same??
excuse me,350kbit is less than .5 Mbit
the video success is probably due to 3 minute buffering.
11mbit cards only give 11mbit within 50 meters under ideal conditions, I have 4 11Mbit cards, and when they connect to the access point, the drop off is quite noticeable. I have problems copying files over 2Mbyte in size over any distance, due to variation in network speed. after resiting the router (higher and more central), however, the network access is far better.Still not as good as a cable connection.

The typical setup assumes :
1 access point
1 wireless card
1 protocol
128 bit encryption
1 MAC access allowed

as normal.

Are you using 2 Wireless NICs on ADHOC? If so, your results will be far less reliable.
Plus "typical" means under average setup situations and is subject to hardware and software variables.

The fact is, the further you go, the slower the link.
(actually, check your network cards, e.g. some supposedly 22mbit cards are only 11 Mbit, unless used with the same make of access point, for instance).

A good rule of thumb is:
If it works OK, fine.
If it doesn`t work OK, your protocols or hardware are not up to the demands you are making.
mikkaaAuthor Commented:
i said 350 kb (kilobyte) that is 2,8 mbit (megabit).
i have linksys befw11s4 router and UTP connection to my PCI lan card. my two friends have both linksys WUSB11 Network Adapter. the first one is about 150 m away, the second is 250 m they have both the same speed (at same time - 350 k each). there is the same result when only one is connected (350).
there are two things to set up in router settings about speed: Basic Rates (1-2 mbit Default) and TX Rates (1-2-5.5-11 mbit default).
if i change the basic rates to (1-2-5.5-11 mbit) the transfer speed fall down to just 50 kb?? have any clue ?
oops, sorry.

The 1-2-5.5-11 Mbit would seem similar to the speeds I mentioned above.
Perhaps it is a power or packet sychronisation setting for transmit mode?
Maybe your box can send at a flat output (1-2)or adjust for distance (1-2-5.5-11) based on response timing.

mikkaaAuthor Commented:
my router settings:
becon interval: 500 (before 100*)
RTS Threshold: 2347
Fragmentation Threshold: 2346*
DTIM Interval: 3*

* - this are default settings...

The chanell is 11

Do you know what can i change to have better results?
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