`operator new' takes type `size_t' as first parameter

I'm compiling C++ code with m68k-elf-g++ compiler. I'm getting the following error messages:

include/new:32: `operator new' takes type `size_t' as first parameter
include/new:33: `operator new' takes type `size_t' as first parameter
include/new:36: `operator new' takes type `size_t' as first parameter
include/new:37: `operator new' takes type `size_t' as first parameter
include/new:42: `operator new' takes type `size_t' as first parameter
include/new:43: `operator new' takes type `size_t' as first parameter

The code in include/new looks like this:

#pragma interface "new"
#include <stddef.h>
#include <exception>

extern "C++" {

#if 0
namespace std {

  class bad_alloc : public exception {
    virtual const char* what() const throw() { return "bad_alloc"; }

  struct nothrow_t {};
  extern const nothrow_t nothrow;
  typedef void (*new_handler)();
  new_handler set_new_handler (new_handler);

// replaceable signatures
void *operator new (size_t) throw (std::bad_alloc);         (line 32)
void *operator new[] (size_t) throw (std::bad_alloc);
void operator delete (void *) throw();
void operator delete[] (void *) throw();
void *operator new (size_t, const nothrow_t&) throw();
void *operator new[] (size_t, const nothrow_t&) throw();
void operator delete (void *, const nothrow_t&) throw();
void operator delete[] (void *, const nothrow_t&) throw();

// default placement versions of operator new
inline void *operator new(size_t, void *place) throw() { return place; }
(line 42)
inline void *operator new[](size_t, void *place) throw() { return place; }
} // extern "C++"


Any help will be appreciated.
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kimkAuthor Commented:
very urgent!!!
What does your code look like?
Well, you can search for the error in google ...

All the information I could find was refering to a compiler problem, thus suggesting using a newer version of the copiler ... in some cases even calling the compiler a poor C++ compiler

See in example

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kimkAuthor Commented:
1.My code does nothing, the error is from the include/new file.
2.I have seen this topis, but it is from September 2001! Does it mean that I cannot use C++ for uClinux??
Try to obtain the latest version of the compiler you work with.
Usually it solves the problem
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