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[ EXCEL ] Storing a cell formula in VBA

In VBA I want to grab a formula in a cell of my worksheet, save it in a string so that later I can affect it to an other cell,I'm unable to grab the formula and if i put it staticly in VBA it always put a space in front of my equal sign so it see's it like text.

I don't want to do a:

Because I want to save it for later.  Her is my code

    Dim CellC2 As String
    Dim Formula As string
    CellC2 = Cells(2, 3) ' this only transfer the result, not the formula
    'This is the formula in my Cells, I save it staticly
    Formula = "=""Au "" & TEXT(IF(WEEKDAY(TODAY())=2;TODAY()-3;TODAY()-1);""jj mmmm aaaa"")"
    Cells(3, 3).Value = Formula ' Save it in C3 but it put a space in front of the equal sign, so it's interpreted as text

Thank you very much for your help
1 Solution
The following code will grab the formula, then transfer it as you requested:

Dim temp
why don't you use cells(1,1).formula = cells(2,2).formula ?
i don't think you need a buffer if you don't want to make changes to the formula.

you can also copy a range (includes values, formulas etc):
cells(1,1).copy dest:=range( cells(2,2), cells(10,2) )
Sub temp()
Dim temp As String

temp = Cells(2, 3).Formula
Cells(3, 3).Value = " " & temp

End Sub

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