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Please Recommend Perl Book

Posted on 2003-03-17
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-05

No code question here this time ... but could someone point me to the 'best' perl book that a newbie could purchase (like on amazon). i would like to learn how to create a perl script for a small website to run member signups, admin script, paid members, that kind of stuff.

if you need more details of what i would like to learn perl for ... post ? on here...

im not a total newbie... as i already do *limited* perl script modifying, and program fluently in c/c++, javascript ... so you dont need to point me to "Perl For Dumbies" :) im looking more for a Learn Perl In 30 Days type of book LOL a book with lots of examples is best for me to learn!!!!!

will throw in 25 more points if someone can nail this one down for me......

thanks a ton guys.

Question by:funkydude
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ID: 8155853
I think by far and away the best book (if you have some limited Perl programming experience) is the Perl Cookbook.  It has loads of real world examples.


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ID: 8155939
I would recommend three books. Both of them from the O'Reily publication.

1) Perl Cookbook (excellent book to see small sample code of everyday common issues / questions)

2) Introduction to PERL (great book for newbie)

3) PERL Programming (great reference book to use)

Those are the book I started with a few years ago and actually still use them today. Excellent books.


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ID: 8156357
I bought (and always recommend) the Perl CD Bookshelf:

It comes on CD, but you get
*Perl in a Nutshell (Paperback and CD)
*Learning Perl
*Programming Perl
*Perl Cookbook
*Perl & XML
*Perl & LWP
*Mastering Perl/Tk

Apart from the fact that you get a heap of excellent books, its fully SEARCHABLE! Can't say that about those dead tree things huh?

The most valuable here would be 'Programming Perl' and 'Perl Cookbook'. Those two you can't do without. Advanced is a great book for once you've devoured the others. Perl in a Nutshell comes in dead-tree edition as well as on the CD and is the best thing for having next to you for quick reference.

(Version 3 is new .. my version doesn't include the last three .. time to update methinks)

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ID: 8161653
Go for Programming Perl 3rd edition.

Perl CD Bookshelf is good too.  You can get it from $15 to $20 on ebay.  I got it for $22 including shipping.

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ID: 8172719
I found this book to be very usefull and to the point to get my web based interfaces going:
CGI Programming with Perl  
Scott Guelich, Shishir Gundavaram, Gunther Birznieks

Accepted Solution

fuzzyfluid earned 100 total points
ID: 8188077
Without a shadow of a doubt, I recommend you don't even buy a book. I've spend years learning all sorts of languages simply by reading online tutorials and searching the web. I personally find that books contain one or two things you may be interested in, and a bunch of stuff you probably won't even care about. Truth of the matter is, People want to learn what they want to know. If you want to know something, look it up through online tutorials instead of buying a book and looking at it five times a month hoping that the 400 page book might have something you want. Your going to look on the internet anyway. No book contains everything you want, especially if you already know how to program. If you need to learn the basic commands and so on, then go pick up PERL: How to Program Introducing CGI and Python by DEITEL. Even that book was a waste of money. How many countless pages can be dedicated to the various ways a print command can be used and if statements with the high level intensity of using an else. Come on now.

Author Comment

ID: 8392177
i apologize for the delay in this, i forgot i had an open thread or two on here :*(

i appreciate all the help and ideas. after researching the endless amount of books available, i reached the same conclusion, online is the best for learning just about anything.

- f_dude

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