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I can't install win98

Hi Computer experts,
I have a new computer version, winxp.  B/c its hardrive is divided in two, that's y I tried to partitioned it to make it become 1.  When I tried to delete the extended drive, it says, "extended drive can not delete b/c logical drive is existed", but when I tried to delete the logical drive, it say, "Logical Drive is undefined".  Can u show me how to delete it? Please.
Also, when I'm installing win98 after format and copy win98 to my hard drive.  It popped up this message. "Message: SU0013:  If you have HPFS or NTFS, you must creat MS-DOS partition.  If you have LANtastic serve or SuperStor compression, disable it before setup.  What should I do in order to continue installing.
Please help, I really need my computer to study.
thank u
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Use this tool


The Crazy One
Check what hard drive you have and go to manufacturer. Download disk manager software (remember that IBM is now hitachi http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm), former ontrack. Run it to partition anew and format. It is simple then fdisk. btw fdisk from win95 and some 98 has a bug dealing with partition type. If you still prefer fdisk msft has a new one fixed and able to handle large hd.

It sounds like you have deleted the DOS partition before the extended partition and the logical drive in the extended partition.

Try in FDisk
1. create new DOS partition, should become C:
2. delete logical drive, should now be D:
3. delete extended partition
4. delete DOS partition
5. create new DOS partition using the drive if that is what you want, should be C:

Run Format C:

Then install WinXP either by booting from the WinXP CD or from a floppy eg a Win98 Startup Disk with CD support and run setup from the WinXP CD

Cheers, EddieAtEE

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