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Stopping Win2000 from reconnecting network drives at logon when using net use command

I put together a small batch file using the net use command to map some drives at logon.
The problem here is that windows 2000 tries to reconnect the drive(s) at logon, and every time it tries to connect, I get a message saying incorrect password. This also screws things up because the batch file runs as well.
The whole reason I elected to use a batch file instead of just letting windows reconnect it is because it seems windows "forgets" the password
2 Solutions
couple of ways
one see here
the other is to add Net use * /delete in your batch file
put it before the net use that maps the drive
Windows uses 'Net Use' to map drives, the same as your batch file. Unless you supply a username and password in your batch file that's different than the current logged on user, then it will use the same account that Win2k uses to map the drive.

Can you give a little more info on your setup? I'm guessing mapping drives between two workstations, correct?
You change your local password, and your drive maps stop working right?
If you're on a network, add your domain user to the local admin group on the workstation you trying to map to. If you're not on a domain, and you change your local users password regularily, then I suggest creating a local account on the workstation you're mapping a drive to, and use THAT account to map the drive with, as in:

net use \\workstation2\sharename /user:workstation2\localusername password

This way, when you change your local password, your drive maps still work. It also allows the workstation2 admin to set access rights to the share (assuming ntfs drive tho).
Try running your batch file in a scheduled task and specify in the task the account and password with sufficient permissions.
You should go open the run dialog and start cmd.

Then type the command:
net use * /d /y
=> It'll delete all current drive mappings

It could be use full to add this line to future logonscripts. It prevents drivemappings to reconnect @ startup

net use /persistent:no

Grtz Robbe

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