No sound in Win98 SE using WDM drivers.

I have had this drama before on many different and the only way I have found to solve the problem is to either format/reinstall windows, or use VXD drivers instead. The driver loads fine, device manager says the sound device is running correctly, but in multimedia devices, they are greyed out and no devices are found. But what if the sound card only has wdm drivers? If anyone has any insight as to why the problem occurs in the 1st place, and any possible fixes, I would appreciate the info...
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The most common solution is to use the drivers that came with the sound card. You can also check the manufacturers site to see if they have new drivers for the soundcard.

You can also trie to install DirectX. Most popular programs are using DirectX for video and audio.

It would also help if you give us more information about the OS version, CPU, Memory, etc.


MaulerAuthor Commented:
Mainboard is Asus P4S533-MX
Tried using drivers supplied on mainboard CD. no luck there so downloaded drivers from manufacturers website (no vxd drivers, only wdm so therefor no win95 support i guess)
Even installed Directx 9.0
All the above was tried before posting.
Running Windows 98 Second Edition. I have had this happen before with various combinations of hardware, and the only common factor is Win98SE and WDM sound drivers.
Do you have tried the Win98 first edition? Maybe there is a bug in the WIN98SE that causes this problem. I know that in WIN98 SE are to more bugs than you know.
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MaulerAuthor Commented:
Let me mention one thing. I am a tech for a small PC repair/build/upgrade retail store. These issues I have had on various customers systems, and wanted to know if there is a fix other than changing OS or format/reinstall of 98.
I haven't had any hassle with 98 1st edition, as it uses vxd drivers, not WDM (WDM drivers being for 98SE, ME, and XP). I assume it is a bug with WDM sound drivers and Win98 2nd edition. But a search on MS's knowledge base returned nothing useful. I was just curious if anyone had encountered this problem and knows a workaround or fix that saves me the hassle and time involved in reinstalling the operation system.
MaulerAuthor Commented:
In case it helps, this particular sound card is onboard. not that it matters as i've had this problem with PCI cards as well.
Sorry that I mention that, but I have installed numerous notebooks with W98SE with the soundcard onboard and I don't had any problem with installing it.

I have also installed desktops with soundcard onboard and PCI soundcards and I have also no problems encountered.

I assume that you used the full version of W98SE and not the upgrade?

But this is all what I can do for you. I hope that anyone else can answer this question.
Creative installation flier mention possible problems with WDM drivers. They recommend installing VXD if problem exist. Also provide instruction how to switch back.

Drivers supplied on mainboard CD are usualy older. Try ASUS site to find new one. Also try sound chip manufacturer.

Have you tried Windows update from Start menu?

Check articles 257865 and maybe 192112.    
This is a flaw in Win98SE to which there is no fix.  Win98SE thinks it can use WDM drivers, but really can't.  Sometimes you get lucky and a few select sound cards will work.  Get the regular Win98FE drivers from the companies web site.  Those will be VXD drivers and will work fine.

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MaulerAuthor Commented:
unfortunatly there IS no 1st edition drivers, otherwise I would have used those as VXD drivers are far more reliable. I'll just put it down as a lost cause. :( Just another MS glitch we all have to deal with..
MaulerAuthor Commented:
As I figured. Microsoft strikes again....
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