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tree structure like explorer

Hi all,

I have a list of values that are to be displayed in a tree structure. I am using front page for developing the web page.
For the time being the purpose is served with bullet points. I have to replace the bullet points with + to collapse and - for expand. Thats something similar to what we see in the windows explorer left side frame.

I am using HTML, Java script.

Please give me suggestions
Thanks in advance

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1 Solution
I think that a way is using some empty tags, so then (when the user press +) you can fill with the information.
Here is a simple example of what I mean:
<script language="JavaScript">
var state1 = 0, state2 = 0;
function A()
if (state1 == 0)
     {document.all.image1.src = "imageless.gif";
      document.all.cd.insertAdjacentHTML("BeforeEnd", "First C: folder<br>Second  C: folder<br>Third  C: folder");
      state1 = 1
     {document.all.image1.src = "imagemore.gif";
      document.all.cd.innerText = "";
      state1 = 0

function B()
if (state2 == 0)
     {document.all.image2.src = "imageless.gif";
      document.all.ad.insertAdjacentHTML("BeforeEnd", "First A: folder<br>Second  A: folder<br>Third  A: folder");
      state2 = 1
     {document.all.image2.src = "imagemore.gif";
      document.all.ad.innerText = "";
      state2 = 0

<img id="image1" src="imagemore.gif" onClick="A();">C:\<br>
<div id="cd"></div>
<img id="image2" src="imagemore.gif" onClick="B();">A:\<br>
<div id="ad"></div>
I have only set 2 variables outside of the functions, so I can modify them from the function but won't change every time that I run the script.
Use the + and - images as imagemore.gif and imageless.gif (or what name that you want, but remeber to change it also on the image tags).
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Thank you for the points, and glad to help.

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