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designing a dbms using c

creating a dbms using c is the project i am  intending to do.The database
should respond to queries similar to sql queries.So i need help regarding
1. in which way the contents of a table should be stored in a data dictionary
2.How  to process a query " create table <tablename>( variable1 datatype,var2 dt,...);"
      that is , is it a good approach to handle all possible mistyped commands at the
       very beginning.If that is not the case i have to change the entaire code
      for any modification later.
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if i understood you correctly, you will need one multi-dimensional array (sort of a data dictionary) that will store the table names , a pointer to a linked list (or any other dynamic structure) that describes the table columns. and of course pointer to the actual table.
the table data should be stored in a tree/forest to allow you to scan the data efficiently.
about the commands: processing them is equivalent to building a parser or a compiler you should read about that
to get a better idea of how to do it.

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