I have 2 computers on the network that are having an IP Conflict, How can i trace them down?

I am having computers on the network that are having an IP Conflict, How can I trace them down? Is there any software utilities I could use to help trace an IP conflict on a network?

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what kind of an environment are you running?

i'm not sure i understand your question, but if you're receiving the message that another computer on the network has the same address and you want to know how to find out what computer has that address, you try going to a different computer and pinging the address in question. it should reply with the netbios name of the computer that owns the address, which should help you find the culprit.

but since i'm not sure of the specifics of your situation, i'm not certain this will work. good luck.
You can use SolarWinds tools to track down the MAC address of the offending station. When you get an IP address conflict message, the MAC address of the other station will be in the message:


Here's a suggestion that might help.  
If you're going to ping that IP address make sure you use the -a option to resolve the name eg: ping -a xxx.xxx.xx.x,
Also, when I had a similiar situation, I discovered that the offending piece of equipment was actually one of my printers and not a pc at all, don't forget to check the ip addresses of all your network printers.  Good luck.

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how are you assigning the ip addresses dhcp? or static
if static, when one boots up with a duplicate ip address it will give a notification that tcp will be disabled
if using dhcp, then you must have two dhcp servers running with overlapping scopes (remember ICS has a built in dhcp server)
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