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What is better for webhosting CABLE or ASDL

I am thinking about switching from CABLE ( 128 / 96kb ) to ASDL ( 192 / 64 Kb ). Could anybody tell me if this is a good decision ?

I am running webhosting services for small businesses - 22 domains/companies. And while dns, www and ftp is ok, most of people have problems with emails (Mailenable). I do not know if it is

1. the speed,
2. the mail server
3. or the type of connectivity i am using.

What do you think ?

1 Solution
For 1 your connection seems a bit slow to me. So either way the fact that they have trouble getting there mail could be becuz ur bw might be a bit full..

Further I do not think there is much difference between cable / adsl for you that is (technically it's like day and night).

In this case u need ur upstream cuz of the mail people. So I think it might be best to keep the cable.
Or find a better conenction with more speed (up and down).

Good luck
Here is the main differances between the two:

DSL is  stable meaning that if your downloading at 37k it will stay at that level no matter how many ppl are online

Cable flucuates depeding on how many ppl are online at any given time. So one minute you can be at 37k the next 2k back to 37k.

Cable outperforms dsl in bandwidth overall but lacks the stability that DSL has. You can think that with dsl, you have your own private pipeline and with cable you share that pipeline.

On another note you should definatly look at higher bandwidth considerations for your webhosting. 64K upload is not alot to allow your customers. You should look at DSL packages of 768/768 which roughly run around $60 a month
I believe you've oversimplified things a bit GrindCrusher.

While with DSL you do have your own dedicated link to the DSLAM at the CO, you by no means have dedicated Internet bandwidth.  The amount of Internet bandwidth feeding the DSLAM usually does not equal the aggregate amount of all the DSL lines.  That means if everyone plugged into your DSLAM hit the internet at the same time... you would not get full download speeds.  The multiplex factor.  You still have the same amount of bandwidth to the CO... yet not enough feeding it.  This is what allows them to sell DSL service so cheaply.

Cable is similar, yet different.  In essence - it's more like everyone in your neighborhood having their computer plugged into a big LAN with a single line running to the cable company for Internet access.  The bottleneck can be locally... or further upstream.

With all that said - I prefer DSL.  If you're hosting... almost anything... you will need more bandwidth than those stats listed above!  Look into SDSL or VDSL for increased upstream speeds.


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