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Windows shell: need a good tutorial

Posted on 2003-03-18
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-03
i'd like to create a folder listing using ListView & TreeView and i'd like it to look like Win-Explorer, for that i know i have to navigate through the shell namespace to list folders under my comptuer and get their icons... who can help me find a good tutorial for that ?

Question by:hatembr

Accepted Solution

Cimperiali earned 500 total points
ID: 8158816
Star vb ide, and choose vb Application Wizard as project type (if chooses does not appear on opening vb, choose new project, and then Vb Application Wizard)
At first question on profile, click Next
At second question, choose "Explorer Style" and give the project a better name than "project1".
If you do not need menus, deselect on third page all what you see...Foolow wizard to the end.
You will have the front end completely setup by wizard.
Then you can add code to navigate throug folders and files, which goal you can obtain using filesystemObject (add a reference in your project to "Microsoft Scripting Runtime").
The following example works with all files and folders of "C:\" disk.
You can change it to work with all disk and to manage picture, also (but this require a bit more job)...
Add this declaration at top of form1 (after option explicit clause):
Private Fso As Scripting.FileSystemObject

'add this at form load event:
Dim folder As Scripting.folder
   'force form to show
   Me.Caption = "Please wait while loading..."
   tvTreeView.Style = tvwTreelinesPlusMinusPictureText
   tvTreeView.LineStyle = tvwRootLines
   Set Fso = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
      Set folder = Fso.GetFolder("C:\")
      tvTreeView.Nodes.Add , , "C:\", "C:\"
      Call addFiles(folder)
      Call filltreview(folder)
   Set Fso = Nothing
   Me.Caption = "Load completed!"
'Add these two private sub:
Private Sub filltreview(fldr As Scripting.folder)
Dim subFd As Scripting.folder
Dim fldrPath As String

On Error Resume Next
Debug.Print fldr.Name & " in " & fldr.Path
For Each subFd In fldr.SubFolders
   fldrPath = fldr.Path
   If Right(fldrPath, 1) <> "\" Then
      fldrPath = fldrPath & "\"
   End If
   tvTreeView.Nodes.Add fldrPath, tvwChild, fldrPath & subFd.Name & "\", subFd.Name
   If subFd.SubFolders.Count > 0 Then
      If Err.Number = 0 Then
         Call filltreview(subFd)
      End If
   End If
End Sub
Private Sub addFiles(fldr As Scripting.folder)
Dim fl As Scripting.File
For Each fl In fldr.Files
   lvListView.ListItems.Add , fl.Name, fl.Name
End Sub
'add this at nodeclick event of your treeview
Private Sub tvTreeView_NodeClick(ByVal Node As MSComctlLib.Node)
Set Fso = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
   Call addFiles(Fso.GetFolder(Node.Key))
Set Fso = Nothing
End Sub

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