loadMovie works when loaded in level but not in clip

I am loadind a moving using the loadMovie method in Flash MX. When I use a clip to load it, the movie appears but doesn't play. However, if I load it into a level it does play but I can't positionn it.
Any idea?
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Think of each level as a layer.  when you load it into level_25, then it is sitting on layer 25 all by itself.  When it is loaded, it is positioned with the top left corner, in the top left corner of teh Main Stage.

A easy way to find  the position of the loaded movie, it to make ITS stage size the same as the Main movies size. that way you can see where you want it to be.

Hope this litte visual trick helps.
post your code that you are using to load the movie to the .swf

I would recommend using loadMovie("movie1.swf", "_root.movieclip"); so you can then just referrence the movieclip in your actionscript to position it...

make sure you gave the movieclip an instance name... that is a common error that people overlook...

Isabelle4uAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.
Due to its nature, it isn't convenient to change the size of the imported movie.
With using a clip, the problem isn't the position of the movie but rather the fact that it doesn't play. The movie appears, the button functions but the movie won't play.
But it works fine outside my main movie.
The code I use to import it:
I've also tried to use:
Neither works. Please help me...
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I think you need to put the _root.anagramClip in quotes because it is the target...  

but that may not be the entire problem...

you should post a link to the .fla so we can take a look at what the problem is...


you need to close this question out...

please come back and comment or award the points...


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thanks for closing out this question...

Isabelle4uAuthor Commented:
I finally managed to make the loaded movie work within an invisible clip in the main movie.
The problem was the fact that I was using absolute addressing. So, I modified the movie I wanted to load so it's now using exclusively relative addressing...such as _parent.anything instead of _root.anything
And it works fine!

Thanks for your answers.
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