Comparing 2 tables in Access 2000

I hope this is an easy one:

I have 2 tables.  The first table is my master database consisting of approx 20,000 records in 25 fields.  The second table is a database containing only approx 1000 records in only 3 fields.

What I want to do is to compare the 2 tables (in the form of a re-usable query)and flag those records (in this caee approx 1000 records) where the data IN ALL THREE FIELDS matches.

So in English (as opposed to SQL) the task is roughly:  Compare mastertable [Field1] with subtable [field1] AND mastertable [field2] with subtable [field2] AND mastertable [field3] with subtable [field3].  Where all 3 fields match add "ABC123" to [Comments] field and "ZYX987" to [Another] field.


  (This comes about because I send out the name, zipcode & fax fields from my whole database to a third party who checks every fax # and then returns
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brianthorpe1Author Commented:
Ooops.  Pls ignore the line at the bottom of my quetion.  This should have been deleted before I hit Submit !!
UPDATE T1 INNER JOIN T2 ON (T1.F3 = T2.F3) AND (T1.F2 = T2.F2) AND (T1.F1 = T2.F1) SET T1.Flag = "ABC123", T1.[Value] = ZYX987";

T1 and T2 are the tables
F1 F2 and F3 are the fields to compare
Flag and value are the fields to update

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