Disabling Controls in VBA -- SetFocus not working

Posted on 2003-03-18
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
I am trying to disable sone controls on a form based on whether a checkbox in the main form is checked.  I am using the Form_Current event to disable and enable the controls on the subform accordingly.  Before disabling any controls, I set the focus to a control on the main form, using the SetFocus method.  However, I still get an error that says I can't disble a control while it has the focus.  I tried the DoCmd.GoToControl method and that didn't work either.

The Else part of the block is the problematic portion of the code...  That is where I get the error message about disabling a control that has the focus.  But, it shouldn't have the focus because I set the focus elsewhere before that block of code executes.

If curUser = "limerick" And Me.ynFieldService = True Then

    Form_sfrmFieldService.dtArrivalDate.Enabled = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.dtArrivalDate.Locked = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.tmArrivalTime.Enabled = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.tmArrivalTime.Locked = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.dtCompleteDate.Enabled = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.dtCompleteDate.Locked = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.tmCompleteTime.Enabled = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.tmCompleteTime.Locked = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intActionCode.Enabled = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intActionCode.Locked = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intActivityCode.Enabled = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intActivityCode.Locked = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intFaultCode.Enabled = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intFaultCode.Locked = False

    Form_sfrmFieldService.dtArrivalDate.Enabled = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.dtArrivalDate.Locked = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.tmArrivalTime.Enabled = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.tmArrivalTime.Locked = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.dtCompleteDate.Enabled = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.dtCompleteDate.Locked = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.tmCompleteTime.Enabled = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.tmCompleteTime.Locked = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intActionCode.Enabled = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intActionCode.Locked = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intActivityCode.Enabled = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intActivityCode.Locked = True
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intFaultCode.Enabled = False
    Form_sfrmFieldService.intFaultCode.Locked = True
End If
Question by:spacebaby
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Expert Comment

ID: 8159466
Disable your controls on the Focus event of the cboSerialNumber control

Author Comment

ID: 8159515
The gotFocus event?  But if I disable the controls on that event, I will be diabling them at times when they shouldn't be...

Author Comment

ID: 8159533
The gotFocus event?  But if I disable the controls on that event, I will be diabling them at times when they shouldn't be...
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Author Comment

ID: 8159545
The gotFocus event?  But if I disable the controls on that event, I will be diabling them at times when they shouldn't be...

Author Comment

ID: 8161762
So -- I am having the same problem with other events.  I have tried doing this in the OnLoad event.  The program still complains about not being able to disable a control that has the focus, but that control doesn't have the focus.  I even tried to set the focus to another control right before the line of code that disables the control....

What is going on with this program?


Expert Comment

ID: 8161805
try the subform's events i can't think of enything else...

Author Comment

ID: 8161942
So, I tried to set the focus to another control and then I used its GotFocus event to test and see if I could then disable the controls I wanted to, and I *still* get the same error....  

Expert Comment

ID: 8161978
try .Visible = false

Author Comment

ID: 8162042
Same problem --  essentially there is *no* way that the control in question has the focus, but I can't disable it or hide it because the program claims that it has the focus.  It doesn't.  I know it doesn't.  I even used a variable to get the name of the active control right before the enabled= false or the visible = false line executes and the active control wasn't the one I was working on.  Is this a bug in access?  Because I can't think of any other reason for my database to behave this way.
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Accepted Solution

shanesuebsahakarn earned 800 total points
ID: 8163367
Forms and subforms maintain their own focuses.

When you set the focus to the main form, the subform still has a control in it with its "own" focus. What you will need to do is set the focus in the subform to a control that is not being disabled:
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Expert Comment

ID: 8163372
try a different approach:

put the code on the sub-form:
on the sub form, the fields are generally open
if the the condition on the parent form is met, the fields are deactivated.

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
  If Me.Parent.checkF = -1 Then GoTo Sperren
  Exit Sub
  Me.field1.Enabled = False
  Me.field1.Locked = True
End Sub

of corse this will only be sufficent, if the subform has not to respond to changes on the parent-form. in this case you will need a requery of the sub-form on change of a relevant field on the parent.

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