Insert vbCr every 10 characters

How can I insert a vbCr every 10 characters in real time (as the user is typing in a form)?

Hello, my name is Bob
Hello, my
name is Bo

But I only want it to insert the vbCr if the user hasn't entered a new line.  So I want it to have a vbCr at least every 10 characters.

Hello,<user-entered break>
my name is Bob.
my name is

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AlopederiiAuthor Commented:
One additional requirement -- it needs to work even if the user is modifying what has been typed earlier.  So if they are deleting characters, the position of the non-user-entered vbCrs should be moved accordingly.
Here's some code to get you started:

Dim charCount As Integer

Private Sub Text0_GotFocus()
    charCount = 0
End Sub

Private Sub Text0_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
Text2 = Text2 & " " & KeyAscii

    If charCount >= 10 Then
        SendKeys (vbCrLf)
        charCount = 0
    End If
    Select Case KeyAscii
    Case 8
        If charCount > 0 Then
            charCount = charCount - 1
        End If
    Case 13
        charCount = 0
    Case Else
        charCount = charCount + 1
    End Select
End Sub

That'll work, the only thing you have to do is change the "GotFocus" subroutine to figure out what charCount should be if your text field is not initially empty.

Oh, one other thing: make sure you set the "enter key behaviour" to "new line in field" instead of "default"


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I would do this in the AfterUpdate Event of the control they are entering. However, I suspect you may want to check for CR and LF in chich case you can use vbCrLf rather than vbCr

Cheers, Andrew

dim strTEXT as string
dim strOld as string

    strOLD = Replace(me.txtMyControl, vbCr, "")
    for cnt = 1 to len(strOLD)
        strTEXT = strTEXT & Mid(strOLD,cnt)
        if cnt mod 10 = 0 then
           strTEXT = strTEXT & vbCR
        end if
    Next cnt

    Me.txtMyControl = strTEXT
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AlopederiiAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for your input.  I created code on AfterUpdate to format it then.

One final step and then I'll award the points:
How can I make a text box have vertical AND horizontal scroll bars?
AlopederiiAuthor Commented:
Actually, I am going to split the points.  You both helped to point me in the right direction.

I am going to post a separate question about the scrollbars.  Feel free to answer that one as well. ;)
The textbox has a ScrollBars property that you can set to Neither, Both, horizontal or verticle.

Cheers, Andrew
AlopederiiAuthor Commented:
Am I looking in the wrong place?  When I go to Properties > Format the Scroll Bars proerty only shows None or Vertical.  I am using Access 2002.
I have commented on your other question, the Scrollbar is only None or Vertical in teh standard text box but if you insert the Microsoft Forms 2 Textbox all 4 options are available. You insert this as an ActiveX control.

Cheers, Andrew
Per request - points reduced for split.

Alopederii- please accept a comment by wide_awake as the answer.

TextReport- please collect your points in:

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