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Wrong printing of a word document

Hi. When I print a word document that has justified text in point 11 Times new roman I get strange spaces between words when I print it. some words get split up. Like this: Thi s word is s ometimes spli t u p.

I've also got a HP4000 printer with the newest drivers and changed to another HP4000 printer and it still didn't work.
I need justified text so is there somebody with a answer to this problem?
1 Solution
Once I have experienced the same problem. The problem is solved when I reinstalled the printer. If this doesn't work, check your printer manual. The problem may be the cartridge or something else.
petite is probably rigth. It could be a printer issue.

Also check if you're not printing a draft copy. The quality is usally not so good. And in older versions of Word, if I'm not mistaken there was a "print as graphics" option somewhere...

You can try to install an older print driver like Hp laserjet 4, or 5 and have it as a backup printer driver when you come accross problems like this. So basically you will have two printers speciifed in your control panel one as a lj 4000 and one as an Lj 4 or 5 i usually select laserjet 5.Printing with an older and different print driver has solved many priniting issues for me, give it a try.
kcidAuthor Commented:
Petite, great answer, I already changed printers, reinstalled computer etc. But it was the cartridge of the printer.


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