compiler error compiled with different rtl version

I installed the D6 rtl patch an now get an error saying one of my components was compiled with a different version of system.rtlVersion.  I have deleted all the directories for the component as well as the bpl files in the windows directory.  Reinstalled the files, recompiled the packages and reinstalled them and I still get the error.  I have also removed all of the compiler generated files from my project directory so about the only option left that I can see is that there is some value stuck in  the .dpr file that is convincing the compiler the old version is still around.  Help!!
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jbshumateAuthor Commented:
I solved this one, but will throw the sollution out for anyone who is interested.  The problem was that the compiler needed to know where the source files were for some reason.  When I modified the project options to include the source tree for the component the problem went away.  If anyone knows why this is I would appreciate the comment.
Delphi saw dcu (or dcp for packges) files for your component, but they were compiled with this different System unit. when you set path to source, compiler recompiled original code in dcu's with your version of system unit.

wbr, mo.

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jbshumateAuthor Commented:
I still don't follow this since I removed all of the component files including the DCU's and recompiled and installed them after the updated rtl was installed.  The DCU's on my system did not change after I added the source path.  I can see that from the file update times.  Any other ideas.

By the way at this point I am just looking for comments since my problem has been solved.  I would just like to know why the solution worked.
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