mystery prog makes pointer go nuts

hi guys,
ive got a problem with my mouse pointer.
the problem is hthat the pointer will go mad and start left clciking and right clicking things all over the screen. it will stop after a few seconds, but then might start again after a couple of minutes. sometimes it causes my computer to freeze or just the pointer, so i have to navigate about with my keyboard. and sometimes the mouse wheel will stop working.
the weird thing is that when i press alt+tab to select the window or prog. then theres this mystery program there... a grey box and its called: a456e124f1..some body told me it was a windows handler file or progam, but i have no idea what that is. i also did a search for it on my comp and is not there, but searched for it in the registry and found it some mru files..whatever they are!
anyway i hope u guys can help...
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Greetings, hereisnick!
  Check if you have a bad mouse driver or bad mouse itself. Go to Device Manager and delete the mouse driver. Reboot and the system will reinstall the driver. If that does not work, replace the mouse with another and see what happens.
  A virus or adware program can do weird things that you are getting. Check for virus and adware:

SpyBot [freeware]
S&D searches your harddisk for so-called spy- or adbots;

AVG 6.0 Anti Virus [freeware]

Best wishes, war1

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Use Ctrl+Alt+Del and take a note of what applications are active when this happens.

Also use Start > Run > "MSINFO32" and go to the "Software Environment > Running Tasks" in the left window and it will reveal exactly what components are running in the background.  You can do an "Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy" and then paste the results into NotePad to save for later reading.  This section will tell you where the process was loaded from.

Also, when you start up, use the Start > Run > "DRWATSON" option to start Dr Watson which will show as active in your system tray and should log any errors along with a snapshot of your system when errors occur.  It sometimes suggests where the problem lies.
Al JeeCommented:
Scan your system with an updated Anti Virus program.
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one thing to test, replace the mouse and see if it fixes it
hereisnickAuthor Commented:
Cheers guys,
turns out that i had a trojan arsebandit (backdoor) virus.
luckily only one file was infected, and was the one i suspected!

anyways i dont know if it was just a coincidence, me having a virus and the pointer doing its own thing, but i wont accept an answer till around another 24hrs or so, to see how it goes.

anyways thanks again, Nick.
Hey hereisnick, you can't use language like that here, it's politically incorrect and also insulting to backdoor chaps :-)

Which file was it that you suspected and what was the trojan?

You really know how to draw out the suspense!!
hereisnickAuthor Commented:
sorry BilDL!

ok heres the details:

the file was: mshtml.exe

the virus was called: trojan horse backdoor.cratpro

and the mouse pointer is workin fine now, so thanks to all for their help.
hereisnickAuthor Commented:
cheers mate.
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