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AntiVirus Software and Linux

I want to find an Anti-Virus product like Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition to run on a Linux Server (Mandrake). In case you're not familiar with the product, it is basically a client-server system. The Server portion checks with Symantec's server for new virus definitions and then pushes that out to the clients. The clients in question here are Windows PC's running Win 98, 2000 and XP. There is no discussion at this time to switch to Linux Clients, but a Linux Server is definitely on the horizon.

If you know of something, please let me know.

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This might Help you but not solve your problem
Are you trying to run a virus filter on your Linux server so it catches virus before even going to separate Client right?
I'm not really good in linux but maybe this might help you! if  you can create true filter that actually check on every file that transfer through the server you just need the virus list and can block them automatically but you need to update the list every once a while and that's can be done if you know how to connect to "let say" Ontrack Virus Watch Server to get new updated list which can be done by running a small script "you can choose your own script PHP, java, ...etc" and that would probably work. I didn't really answer the question but I hope you got some ideas now Good Luck :)
bhlangAuthor Commented:
What I am trying to do is to have antivirus software running on the PC's on the network to catch any viruses before they can do anything at the PC level. Instead of each PC connecting to the internet to download the antivirus definitions on their own, I want a central server portion to download the defs and push them out to the PC's. The internet connection does not run through a server at present.

Norton enterprise Management uses the Microsoft Management console ... No further comment ;)

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F-Secure now supply a Linux version of their anti-virus update server:


I'm trying to persuade our IT managers to consider switching over to this, as we're having scalability issues with a rival Windows-only product.
We're using McAfee virusscan at work, with the EPO (windows app) to "manage clients". The download is done via wget to a trusty little RH-box though, from which the clients pull updates via FTP (EPO, unlike it's predecessor NTME, can't "push" updates... All the clients have to "pull" updates).
Works like a charm:-).

I'm sure something similar can be done for most AV suites.

-- Glenn
bhlangAuthor Commented:
The f-secure product seems to be the best solution at present, and I've talked to other people who are using it on Windows and they seem to like it.
A little late on the post here, but you can configure all the network computers to download the updates of the intranet aslong as the source computer still gets the updates off the web.  try http://www.bigbanggravity.com for antivir software.

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