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I need to create a function that will take a string from and input box (say a first name), read it one character at a time and redisplay it to the user. This is a school project so I can do this however I chose. My thought was to have a user input his name, the function would count the characters in the string, and redisplay it in a label box. I need help creating this function. I toyed around with the
Len(), and Mid() but I am lost.
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we can't do your homework for you, however, if you post what you have so far, i'm sure we can help you towards a solution
cjesgoAuthor Commented:
bobbit31 - after rereading my post I guess that is how I came across...sorry. I just need a some guideness. Here is what I have:

    Dim strFirst As String
    Dim strLast As String
    Dim strFull As String

    'Get the first name for the textbox
    strFirst = txtFname.Text

    'Get the last name from another textbox
    strLast = txtLname.Text

    'Concatenate the first and last name, putting
    'a space character between them.
    strFull = strFirst & " " & strLast
    'Display the Full Name
    lblResult.Caption = strFull

Dim szText As String
    Dim nStartingFrom As Integer
    Dim nNumChars As Integer

    '-- Assign szText
    szText = txtFname.Text
    '-- Set the starting position
    nStartingFrom = 1

    '-- Set the number of characters
    nNumChars = 1
    '-- Print the partial string
    Print Mid$(szText, nStartingFrom, nNumChars)

I imagine I need some sort of counter to keep track of how many characters in the string correct?  Thanks.
Do you mean something like this:

Dim MyValue As String
MyValue = InputBox(Message, Title, Default, 100, 100)

Dim TempChar As String
Dim CountChar As Integer
For I = 1 To Len(MyValue)
    CountChar = CountChar + 1
    TempChar = TempChar + Mid(MyValue, I, 1)
Next I
Label1.Caption = TempChar
Label2.Caption = CountChar
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Short of doing your project for you, here's an example of how to use a FOR loop to display the string one character at a time.  This will display the results to a text box called Text1.


Private Sub ShowResults(sINPUT As String)
    For i = 1 To Len(sINPUT)
        Text1.Text = Text1.Text & Mid(sINPUT, i, 1)
    Next i
End Sub
> I imagine I need some sort of counter to keep track of how many characters in the string correct?  Thanks

no, that's what the Len function is for

msgbox Len(szText)
Sorry i was typing when you posted that...
To print it out one character at a time, try the following at the end of your code:

'-- Set the number of characters
nNumChars = len(szText)
'-- Print the partial string character by character
For i = nStartingFrom to nNumChars
   Print Mid$(szText, i, 1)
Next i

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cjesgoAuthor Commented:
Thunder27 - Thanks! I guess I was closer than I thought.
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