Speaker Problems

I am not getting any sound out of my speakers whatsoever!  i have re-installed windows 98 SE following a few technical problems but still cannot obtain any sound.  HELP!
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, deeliye01!
   Check the settings in your Multimedia icon in Control Panel. Make sure the volume is not muted and volume sliders are set properly.
   Then check you sound card in Device Manager. Does it have a yellow question mark? Delete the driver, reboot, and let Windows reinstall it. If that does not work, delete the driver again and manually install driver. Select manual install from the list and get the driver from your Windows 98 CD.
   What problems were you having with your PC before? What did you do to fix them?

Best wishes, war1
Check if speakers are ok. Connected to some cd player or walkman. Then follow war1.
I posted some info on systematically diagnosing audio problems on this page which you might like to check out:


There were a number of other valid suggestions in there also.
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WHooooops, wrong link.  Sorry, I can't find the page and it's too much to start typing out again.

One obvious thing, though, make sure you have the jack plugs for the speakers connected to the correct PC sockets.  Modern motherboards/cards have colour coded jacks/sockets, but they don't always match up.
deeliye01Author Commented:
Thank you so much.  I was really taken in when I got this system.  I didn't know a heck of a lot about computers so I kind of accepted everything this guy told me until I realised he had taken shortcuts!  Now I have managed to sort out the rest of my system but I had to re-install Windows 98 because when I cleaned up my system last time and delted a load of old programmes, half of my drivers went with them!  Thankfully everything seems ok now and I am alot wiser about computers too!!

Many thanks
deeliye01, glad the problem is taken care of. war1
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