fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:7FCB290A & page fault errors

My computer keeps locking up.  My OS is Windows98 SE 4.10.2222 A.

Sometimes I get the "blue screen" saying that "Windows" has committed a fatal exception such as "fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:7FCB290A." ***OR*** "...0028:C000247A in VXD VMM(01)+
0000147A." ***OR*** a popup error msg saying "Kernel32 has performed illegal operation and will be shut down."--details="kernel32 has caused a general protection fault in module USER.EXE at 0003:000035f6."

Other times I get invalid page fault errors such as:

Word97 when pasting a screen shot (Alt+PrintScreen):
"WINWORD caused an invalid page fault in module WINWORD.EXE at 0167:3000a7db"
I used to paste screen shots all the time in Word, but now it locks up whenever I try.

when installing Personal Oracle
"invalid page fault in module JAVAI.DLL at 0167:6ee3f789" ***OR*** "...0167:6eelc5c8" ***OR*** "...0167:6ee3ff2c," etc.  This one always starts with "0167:6ee," but the last 5 characters vary.  Also, the percentage completed varies each times.  At different times it reached 3%, 6%, 8%, 38%, and 67%.

Any help would be appreciated.


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It sounds like a corrupt registry key.  That's why you are getting different messages depending upon where you are and what your doing.  The truely best resolution is tofdisk and reload from start.  You could run some utilities to search and correct the registry problems, you could run Norton Utilities.  However, if your data is backed up and you have all the necessary software to reload, it may be less time consuming to fdisk the harddrive and start from a clean install.

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go into dos and type "scanreg /fix" to try to fix the reg
I would have to agree with pratigan

Without even thinking about what it could be you are running Windows 98 with Office 97. If this is an original install then the software is 5 years old on the system. There must be software corruption somewhere.

Usually a .DLL is the culprit.

Save all your data and reinstall.

If you are determined to try and fix the problem then try the following.

Type "SFC" in the run box. Follow the instructions to check to see if there are missing or corrupt protected files.

Check the bootup log by typing "C:\bootlog.txt" in the runbox and search for the keyword "fail".

Uninstall any unneeded programs or windows components.

Hardware may also be the problem. Try reseating all your hardware. Try resetting the BIOS.

Other than that i wouldn't spend too much time trying to figure it out. JUST REINSTALL.

I say this not because i'm not proficient enough to fix the problem but because as a systems engineer my company looses $2500 an hour for server downtime. I don't even bother.

Invest in a program like norton ghost. You'll eventually become friends.
posibly a damaged or corrupted antivirus software. Try to unload/uninstall your current antivirus
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