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ASP Syntax

I'm doing a page where I'm showing 25 records at a time returned from a DB, when the next button is pressed I reload the page with a counter to count the next 25 records to be shown. The following is how I create my SQL Select statement based on a form Combo box selection. When the page is reloaded the strChoice variable is "" (null). so their is no SELECT statement created. How can I make sure that the strChoice variable is the same when I reload the page when the 'next' button is pressed?
I thought a request.querystring("strChoice") or something might work, no results yet.

'Request Combo Box Choice from Browse Form
strChoice = request.form("BrowseID")    
Set objConn = Server.createObject("ADODB.Connection")
objConn.open strConnect

if strChoice = 0 then      'Chose by Artist
       strSQL = "Select * from tblArtist, tblWork Where tblArtist.ArtistID = tblWork.ArtistID Order By tblArtist.LastName"
else                       'Chose by Title
       strSQL = "Select * from tblArtist, tblWork Where tblArtist.ArtistID = tblWork.ArtistID Order By tblWork.Title"
end if
Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")
   objRS.open strSQL, strConnect
1 Solution

You could put a hidden field in your form when you retrieve the value for the first time, something like :
response.write ("<input type=hidden name=myChoice value=" & browseId & ">")

or you could put it in a session variable:

session("myChoice") = browseId

after which you can refer to it e.g.

if session("myChoice") = 0 then      
      strSQL = "xxx"
      etc etc

hope this helps


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