Enter Data on HTML or ASP Web Page from VB

Is there any way of getting a handle or ??? of say a tick box on a web page, from a vb executable program.
Ie. I need to enter several tick boxes on a web page from my vb program.
I know how to get the handle of another program running but not a web page.
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You won't use a window handle to send messages to items on a webpage as they are not windows controls, they are html elements.  If you are talking about an open instance of Internet Explorer, then you have access to the DOM (Document Object Model) of the html page currently loaded inside of it, and you can manipulate it with code that would appear very similar to a scripted implementation (javascript or vbscript).  If you are talking about any browser, such as Netscape or Opera, you may be stuck using some ugly workarounds (unless they provide some sort of techniques in their respective SDKs).
kennedymrAuthor Commented:
I would be using Inernet Explorer.
Sounds pretty complicated!!!!
May have to give this idea a miss.
Example, set a reference to Microsoft Internet Controls

Dim shWin As New ShellWindows
Dim IE As InternetExplorer

For Each IE In shWin
    If IE.LocationURL = "http://www.site.com" Then
        'you now know the instance of IE to target and set values for
        IE.Document.all("chkBox").checked = True
    End If

Where the html may look like:

<input type="checkbox" name="chkBox">

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kennedymrAuthor Commented:
Appreciate your help.
I can see the method, and will give it a go. Thanks
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