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How to create a help website similar to Microsofts online help.

Anybody have a clue as to what software or ASP scripts Microsoft would have used to create their online help pages at http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/offhelp/offxp/outlook/  ??

I have a large document (1000+ pages) broken down into 28 chapters plus Index and TOC.  I would love to present it in the format above but haven't found anything on the Microsoft website to re-create that.  I tried the HTML Web Help software but just doesn't offer the simplicity to update the HTML pages without having to recompile the whole project.

Any ideas?  I'm giving all my remaining questions points for this one (I know its not much).  If I earn more points and this question is still not solved I'll gladly up the value.
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There is a content management system I use called Coranto that is flexible enough you could build a system like this - it even has addons that extend it's abilities (like adding a search). It runs on Perl and you can build custom backends for your admins to update the help repository. Don't be put off by it's initial appearance; it is VERY powerful and flexible.

You can find it it at http://www.gweilo.org/coranto/
You can use a joust outliner navigation javascript. Just adapt your own list of items, via database.

And have your own icons.

Import into a database using your favorite coding language.
Negley97Author Commented:
I would like to create this using Dreamweaver MX.  I'm stearing away from 3rd party applications due to the complex design of this project.  I can't afford to have some 3rd party vendor decide to sell off to someone else and change everything.  I'm sure there is a javascript or XML framework out there that can create sites like this, I just can't seem to locate it.
Negley97Author Commented:
I found what I was looking for.  MSDN Website has information available to download for XML menus.  http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnwebgen/html/msdntoc.asp if anyone is interested in creating the menus used in MSDN and online help.

Thanks to everyone that repsonded to this topic, I happened to stumble across the answer I was looking for.

Administration: Could I please have these points returned to my account since I found the answer I was looking for myself?

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