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Get data from Btrieve (with Solomon IV ) to Excel

I am trying to use the "Tools", "Get External Data" option in Excel to pull data out of Solomon IV.  I know I need an ODBC driver. I believe it is called something like "pervasive driver".  Does anyone know if I am even barking up the right tree?  If I am on the right track, can I get the driver for free?  If I can't get it for free, any idea what something like that would cost?  Also, would anyone care to walk me through the steps of making the Excel/Solomon connection once I have the correct ODBC Driver?

Thank you,
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Solomon IV used Btrieve Technologies product Scalable SQL.  There used to be an ODBC driver but that product isn't supported by Pervasive (the current name of Btrieve Technologies).  You might be able to find a set of diskettes that has the ODBC driver for it. The name of the driver is "Pervasive ODBC-32". The DLL name is W32BTINT.DLL.
You might also check on the DataDirect drivers. They used to be Merant.  
I don't know if the DataDirect drivers will work or not.  

To access the data in Excel, you would "Get External Data" and that opens MS QUery. That would then let you select the table/fields or issue an SQL statement that will bring back data.
Brendt HessSenior DBACommented:
You can find the older Btrieve ODBC drivers (for Btrieve 6.15) at http://www.goldstarsoftware.com/FTP/od32v204.zip  (32-bit) or http://www.goldstarsoftware.com/FTP/Od16v204.zip (16 bit).
I have installed the odb32v204.zip. But I found problem using the Pervasive Software ODBC interface.

When I click the 'OK', it always prompts "Login must succeeed before data source entry can be written. (Status code:802).

Actually I cannot create ODBC no matter I connect DEMODATA or my own btrieve db.

Please help!!! Thanks.
One of the Windows dll file was missing. I had the same problem before and I had a Window98 pc that could connect. So, I copied that file and it worked.
Are you using Windows98? Give me your email address and I will send you the file.
Unless you have distribution rights for that file, you may be breaking your license if you send it out.  In addition, the 802 error is not usually caused by a missing DLL but by an incorrect Target Engine settings.  

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