VBA: DoCmd.OpenQuery failure after creating a new query

Posted on 2003-03-18
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-10
Hey there boys and girls:

I have an interesting quirk when building queries in Access.  Don't fret over the code as it works perfectly.  My problem is if I uncomment the DoCmd.OpenQuery strQueryName, acViewNormal, acEdit, it either opens the new query created or it aborts telling me that it cannot find the query in the collection.  Never mind that I refresh the views and tables before the DoCmd.  Any clues as to why it fails sometimes and not others?  Is there another internal Access function available to update an index or something??


Public Function BuildQueryType(strFieldError As String, strTableSelected As String)
    Const conQueryAlreadyExists As Integer = 3012
    Const conQueryDeleted As Integer = 3167
    Dim objDatabase             As DAO.Database
    Dim objCatalog              As ADOX.Catalog
    Dim objQueryDef             As DAO.QueryDef
    Dim strSQLQuery             As String
    Dim strQueryName            As String
    Dim strQueryDescription     As String
    Dim intTextTruncation       As Integer
    On Error GoTo BuildQueryType_Err
    Set objCatalog = New ADOX.Catalog
    Set objDatabase = OpenDatabase(CurrentProject.FullName)
    strQueryName = RTrim("Qry " & strTableSelected & " w/Err_Fld = " & strFieldError)
    If Len(Trim(strQueryName)) > 65 Then
        intTextTruncation = Len(Trim(strQueryName)) - 65
        strQueryName = Mid(strQueryName, 1, Len(Trim(strQueryName)) - intTextTruncation)
    End If
    If Len(Trim(strFieldError)) = 0 Or _
       Len(Trim(strTableSelected)) = 0 Then
        MsgBox "Select a Table and Field Error value from the drop down list.", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, CurrentProject.Name & ": BuildQueryType Function "
        strSQLQuery = "SELECT " & strTableSelected & ".Wkr_ID, Case_Serial(" & strTableSelected & ".Case_Num) AS Case_Serial, "
        strSQLQuery = strSQLQuery & "FBU(" & strTableSelected & ".Case_Num) AS FBU, Mult(" & strTableSelected & ".Case_Num) AS Mult, "
        strSQLQuery = strSQLQuery & strTableSelected & ".Case_Stat, " & strTableSelected & ".Pers_Num, " & strTableSelected & ".CIN, "
        strSQLQuery = strSQLQuery & strTableSelected & ".Last_Name, " & strTableSelected & ".First_Name, "
        strSQLQuery = strSQLQuery & strTableSelected & ".Err_Code, " & strTableSelected & ".Err_Fld, "
        strSQLQuery = strSQLQuery & strTableSelected & ".Rec_Desc, " & "MatchFldErrToScreenNames(" & strTableSelected & ".Sys_ID, " & strTableSelected & ".Err_Fld) AS Screen_Name, "
        strSQLQuery = strSQLQuery & strTableSelected & ".Err_Desc, "
        strSQLQuery = strSQLQuery & strTableSelected & ".Err_Val, " & strTableSelected & ".Err_Cor_Val, " & strTableSelected & ".Online_Corr_Ind, "
        strSQLQuery = strSQLQuery & strTableSelected & ".Smart_Wkr_ID, " & strTableSelected & ".Smart_ID, " & strTableSelected & ".Smart_SSN FROM " & strTableSelected & " WHERE (((" & strTableSelected & ".Err_Fld)= '" & strFieldError & "'));"
        With objDatabase
            Set objQueryDef = .CreateQueryDef(strQueryName, strSQLQuery)
        End With
    '   Update the Query Description
        strQueryDescription = "Show all rows in the " & strTableSelected & " where the error field =  '" & strFieldError & "'"
        Set objDatabase = OpenDatabase(CurrentProject.FullName)
        Set objQueryDef = objDatabase.QueryDefs(strQueryName)
        SetFieldProperty objQueryDef, "Description", dbText, strQueryDescription

        DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmQuerySelection", acSaveNo
    '   This commented code works sometimes and not others.  Gets an error that it cannot find the new query
    '   even though it exists in the database collection.
    '    DoCmd.OpenQuery strQueryName, acViewNormal, acEdit
    End If
    Set objDatabase = Nothing
    Set objCatalog = Nothing
    Set objQueryDef = Nothing
    Exit Function

    If Err = conQueryAlreadyExists Then
        With objDatabase
             .QueryDefs.Delete strQueryName
        End With
        If Err = conQueryDeleted Then
        End If
    ElseIf Err = conQueryDeleted Then
            MsgBox CStr(Err) & " " & Err.Description, , CurrentProject.Name & ": BuildQueryType procedure"
            Resume BuildQueryType_Exit
        End If
End Function

Question by:VBProEd
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Accepted Solution

shanesuebsahakarn earned 500 total points
ID: 8163001
Set objDatabase = CurrentDb()
instead of:
Set objDatabase = OpenDatabase(CurrentProject.FullName)

perhaps ?

Author Comment

ID: 8163057
Yes, that was the trick!  Thanks.

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