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mailq returns empty, but ls /var/spool/mqueue returns 1022 entries

  I have a server running solaris 2.8, mailq returns /var/spool/mqueue is empty,
but ls /var/spool/mqueue at least 1000 entries.  I thought these two should be
the same.   Why is this?

thanks in advance
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1 Solution
In the mqueue directory, there would be files, and the naming format would be like this (http://source.mawk.de/oreilly-bookshelf/sendmail/ch23_02.htm),

File  Description
df Section 23.2.2, "The Data (Message Body) File: df" Data (message body)
lf Section 23.2.3, "The Lock File (obsolete as of V5.62): lf" Lock file (obsolete as of V5.62)
nf Section 23.2.4, "The ID Creation File (obsolete as of V5.62): nf" ID creation file (obsolete as of V5.62)
tf Section 23.2.6, "The Temporary qf Rewrite Image: tf" Temporary qf rewrite image
xf Section 23.2.7, "The Transcript File: xf" Transcript file
qf Section 23.2.5, "The Queue Control File: qf" Queue control file (and headers)

So before printing the mqueue directory, it will scan for "qf" file.

>>Before printing the queue's contents, sendmail prereads all the qf files in the queue and sorts the mail messages internally. This is done so that the queue's contents are displayed in the same order in which the messages will be processed during a queue run.


So in you case, check if you had qfXXXXX, in addition to other dfXXXXX, etc.

my explanation should give a method to verify -- however, its hard to be sure that this is the case the asker is experiencing.

I would think that it should work (the URL reference is no longer valid :(.


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