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From flash to asp

I have several buttons with variables attached. like below

on (release) {
     varFilename = "test01.jpg";

In my HTML I have the javascript for my Launch window and it's working fine.

The problem is to pass the varFilename to the ASP page (pictures.asp) and the get the file to show the jpg-file and the rest of the pictures.asp page (a close-button and a head).

I use this code in my pictures.asp

<img src="../images/zipcode/<%=varFilename%>">

Why is it not working?

Please help
1 Solution
I think this is what you are asking for...  It looks like your zipcode is doing some processing, then it is supposed to pass the same value to another page for processing.....

I assume maybe you are using a response.redirect method to take you from zipcode.asp to pictures.asp.

if that is the case, try this:

in zipcode.asp:

varFilename = request.querystring("varFilename")
response.redirect "pictures.asp?varFilename=" & varFilename

then you can grab the variable in pictures using querystring container again:

varFilename = request.querystring("varFilename")

now you can use the variable for you image code:
<img src="../images/zipcode/<%=varFilename%>">

does that help?


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