Installing a CDRW drive as a secondary drive. Secondary IDE controller error. Say's it's not installed properly.

Ok, here's the deal.  I run on a Pent 3 1gig, 512RAM, and a 10gig HDD along with Windows ME.  I recently purchased an internal sony CDRW.  I'm pretty familar with getting around 'inside' the computer, as todays computers are made quite user friendly.  So I simply popped it open and put the internal CDRW into the secondary slot under the main CD-ROM drive.  I connected the power supply plug and the main wire.  Exactly how the main CD-ROM drive is hooked up.  I then restared my computer, and I noticed that it is not reading the CDRW drive, nor is it reading the original CD-ROM drive.  When I disconnect the CDRW drive it reads fine again, but when I plug it in it doesn't read.  I checked out the 'Add New Hardware' tab in the control panel and it appears the drive does read.  Although I'm not too familar with what it should do now.  So I'll explain it.
When I have windows search for Plug and Play devices a drive comes up that says 'Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo)' and there's a little yellow explination point next to it.  When I say 'yes the device is on the list' and click next the msg that comes up is 'The device is already installed but it has a problem.  To view the properties of the device and see the problem and proposed solution, click FINISH'.  Upon clicking finish the properties screen comes up and it says in the middle this device is either not present, not working properly, or does not have all the drivers installed.  (Code 10)  It tells me to try upgrading the device drivers, but that doesn't work either.  Anybody able to offer some assistance with me properly getting this CDRW drive installed?  It's a CDRW Sony52x24x52x internal drive, if that makes any difference.
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nasdaqphilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if this can help any, but check and/or swap out the cables that hook up the CDRW.  I had an older computer that need to be "in order" for some reason.  When I hooked the gray belt cable to the CD first then used the connection in the middle to do the CDRW it did not work.  When I reversed the cables, making the CDRW the first drive on the plug and the CD connected to the middle plug, it worked properly.

Did you check the jumper settings on either/both cd drives?  You have to set one to master and one to slave.  Usually there is a diagram on each drive showing how to set the jumper for the appropriate type of drive.
slave the older and master the CDRW
What techlinedirect say is correct. Make sure there isn't any conflick on the master and slave issue. Normally, a new drive come with the jumper set as master. Does the bios detected the CDRW on the startup?
The best option is to set your CDRW as master while your existing CDROM as slave. At bios, set the primary and secondary IDE detection to auto to make your job easier for BIOS to detect it.
nasdaqphil comment is true for some system. Btw, you can also try to connect just your CDRW drive and unplug your CDROM and see whether it be detected in BIOS. If it still can't be detected, then the problem is with your CDRW. It maybe faulty, and the best way is to try it on another pc.
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