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S3 Inc. Trio3D/2X and Windows 2000 Professional

Upgraded a user's PC to from Windows 98 SE to WIndows 2000 Pro and then had problems with getting the S3 Trio 3D/2X Display Card installed. Spent the whole of yesterday (2003 March 18) unsuccessfully searching for a driver that would make the card work with Windows 2000 Professional. Downloaded the latest driver from http://ranger.s3graphics.com/swlib/362drv/. But that did not work. So reloaded the system with Windows 98 SE again. S3 says that they no longer support the card. Just trying my luck to see if there is anyone around who might be able to provide the driver for this display card for Windows 2000 Pro.
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There's a standard driver for the S3 Trio built in to Windows 2000, as far as I know--did you try using that one? (You may have to manually specify the driver if Windows didn't auto-detect the card properly).
Alternatively, you should be able to find a PCI S3 Savage 4 card (the Trio's replacement, which definitely works in 2K/XP because I'm running one under XP now!) for very little money.
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I may have one at home on my old system. Ihad the same problem a couple years back. When I get home I will post see but i need an email to send it to you.


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tpanganAuthor Commented:
hi the user is using that system for now on windows 98 .... and will not have an opportunity to test out any driver supplied...
at this point in time but would like to thank everyone for posting. would like to close this by according 130 points to all who posted. my email is tpangan@hotmail.com. thanks!
pang ngan

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