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Multiboot for Windows XP and 98SE

HI, I have a PC with Windows XP already installed. I created a partition to install Windows 98SE in order to be able to boot my PC either on XP or 98.
Now I´m trying to install Windows 98SE but I get the same message always. I have tried to install it from WindowsXP from DOS, but it doesn´t work. I get an error message saying that windows 98 can´t be installed on Windows NT.
Is there any way to install Windows 98 on a PC with XP?
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You need to use FAT32 partition because win9x doesn't recognize NTFS.

You can also use Power Quest's Partion Magic 7 or better to automate this task.


another article that might help with it:
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I have two hards drives also.I have a PC running with Win98 and WinXP. Don't know why but it would only configure and run if I made the C:win98 and D:winXP. This info. maybe helpful in your quest to get a dual boot system up and running.
Yes there is a way
but you are going to have to reformat and start all over
make sure you have at lease 2 partitions ( one for win 98 fat32 and the other for XP, either fat 32 or ntfs

you can boot off of a win 98 floppy and create these partitions using "fdisk"(assuming that your HD is already fat 32)
install win 98 on the first partition
then install xp on the second partition

after this is all done and you reboot
you will see a black and whit screen asking you which operating system you want to start to

hope this helps
I think he's refering to C: and D: as diffrent physical disks not logical drives mochaman.  In either case, installing XP over 9x will allow you to dual boot reguardless of drive configuration so long as you don't format your 9x disk NTFS.

If you install 9x on one disk (Format FAT32) and THEN insatll XP on the other disk (Format FAT32 if you intend on sharing files <> 9x and XP)  Then it will ask you each tmie you start what OS to boot, without any extra work.

Unless you have a SCSI disk...

Then you have to have that damn SCSI driver during installation.  :)

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