Change of "Issued to" name

Okay, when I looked, my operating system says that my Win2000 is issued to "none". How can I change this so that it says that my Win2000 is issued to my name? I heard that you can change this on the registry editor. Is this true? I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!
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have a look here:

Evans Twp - RegisteredOwner
In my homeland of Wales, Twp (pronounced Tupp) means a stupid person.  The IT manager of one company was called Evans and like many mangers he was not as IT literate as many of the techies working for him.  So one of the techies, Dai 'eighteen months', nicknamed the manager Evans Twp. (Dai lost half of one ear in a Rugby scrum so he only had an ear and half!).

The IT department took on a new lad called Peter.  Now I guess practical jokes have always been a part of initiation for new workers and this company was no different. The new lad's first job was to install 5 new servers.  During the set-up he came to the Organization Menu and he asked Dai eighteen months what he should enter.  Dai said "Put Evans Twp in the box".  When Peter proudly showed off the new server he was taken aback when Mr Evans went ballistic and accused Peter of undermining his authority.  What had happened was Mr Evans saw that the 'Registered Owner' in the System Icon was Evans Twp!

I was visiting the company doing other work when I heard of Peter's distress. Poor lad was told that he had to come in a the weekend and reinstall the servers with proper company name as the 'Registered Owner'.  I took him aside and showed him how to find RegisteredOwner using Regedit and FIND.  We found Evans Twp and changed it to a more appropriate value.  Peter was thrilled as it only took a moment and he did not have to sacrifice his weekend.

HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\RegisteredOwner

Registry learning tip - If you can see a value, you can FIND and change it in the registry!

I assume that you are trying to change the registered to inside of the computer properties screen?

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alex_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
Worked like a charm! Thanks!
glad I could help!
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