Windows 2000 Group Policy based Logon Scripts not working...

pure Win2k (server & desktop)
AD enabled, single domain
logon scripts placed in domain controller's logon script path
(Sysvol\DomainName\Scripts) - used browse button from within GPO


The logon scripts set under User Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts (Logon/Logoff),
are not running at all. Have tried several different ones...
even simple .VBS with only msgbox and .BAT file launching only notepad.
Currently only using a "test" GPO and only applied to a "test" OU.
  - This is the only GPO assigned to the test OU.
  - This is the only GPO with Logon Scripts assigned
I have tried delete/rebuild multiple GPOs w/ Logon Scripts in case of
corruption. Same problem.

What works:

The production GPOs, on other OUs, work fine.
Browsing to the Sysvol\DomainName\Scripts dir manually, the user can
navigate there and run them just fine.

Also... using  \\<serverDC>\netlogon  (assigning via user profile)
works just fine.

I want to run both .VBS (WSH) and .BAT files...  have tried many different
simple VBS & BAT files... nothing runs.

It does not seem to be a permissions issue.
The scripts work fine when run manually so they are not the problem.

Can anyone help with this? What am I missing?
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I believe that you should post the .vbs or batch to the wrong place.

If you create one new GPO --> properties --> group policy --> New. The location of "Sysvol\DomainName\Policies" (Not Sysvol\DomainName\Scripts) will has the new GPO AD code, where will contain GPO everything.

In case, you directly copy the .vbs or batch file to  --> User Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts (Logon/Logoff) as well.

I hope it can help.


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