implementing windows nt policies

hi ee guys,
i have a windows nt server/workstation setup. i just wanted to know a way in which i can prevent the users who log on to the domain from changing the desktop setting on the client machine. i have tried to open a policy editor and save the policy on the domain controller in the net logon folder, but without any success.

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stevemjpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. create the policy using policy editor and save it to a hidden network share. It will be a .pol file. The default templates allow you to lock down the display settings.

2. go to your clients and edit the registry to this effect:

go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Update

Add a key called NetworkPath (REG_SZ)and enter as the value the UNC path to the share which contains the .pol file. eg. \\dataserver\policies$\ntconfig.pol  

set the UpdateMode value to 2

log the client off then back on and your policy you created will be applied.
forgot to say - you probably cant savre the .pol file to the netlogon folder 'cos by default only SYSTEM has write permissions. everyone else has read only.
wfaleiroAuthor Commented:
thanks stevie. i did as directed. but when i log on the client i get a message as this computer is in manual policy mode but the policy file cannot be found.

in the NetWork path i have given the value as
\\lab2-20\pol\guest.pol, which is the location of the policy file on the server.
you may need to delete and recreate the profile. sometmes the change of policy type doesn't kick in right.

a fresh profile should do it tho.
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