need G3/beige tower diagrams

Hi, I am new here. I found a G3/266 beige tower on a curb for the garbage men. I saw immediately it had no RAM but took it anyway. I found but one diagram online (and not all that helpful) and now know the ROM is missing, too. I want to try to figure out what is missing and then see if it is worth trying to fix. I have a friend who could desperately use this computer if I can make it work. It would be extremely nice if I can have it for them for their birthday in April. Does anyone have diagrams or know a site that has good ones or pictures? Or can anyone email me a quick snapshot of the inside of their G3? For that matter, where's the best place to find replacement parts for it, assuming it can be fixed for a reasonable amount of money? Thanks
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Considering you can get beige G3 300s for $200 its probably not worth fixing. Getting replacement parts for it will run you at least $200. I'd say buy one off ebay, and plunder any parts from your defunct one to make the ebay'd one even nicer.

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classic_macgirlAuthor Commented:
That is a good point. Thanks, weed. That might be a good solution and I can still help my friend.
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