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Getting rid of Web-URL window in KDE 2.2.2

In KDE 2.2.2, every time you type or select a URL, a window pops up aksing me if I want to open it in Conqueror, Netscape, E-mail it to somebody else, copy it into a Editor window.
But I also use Mozilla I sometimes have to type an URL into the adress bar, which causes the Web-URL box to open and take away the keyboard focus. When I continue typing I accidentally start all kinds of things though shortcut keys in the Web-URL window I don't want and please excuse me for this personal and not-so-articulate outburst: IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!

Until now I have been unable to shut the wretched thing off and I would be gratefull if somebody could give me a pointer.

System: PII 450MHz, 130 Mb RAM, 8 Gb HD
Distro: Suse Linux Professional 7.3, running KDE 2.2.2
1 Solution
I've encountered this too and it is indeed really annoying!  The problem is that Klipper (KDE's clipboard tool) is trying to help you out.  Too Windows-like for my taste...  :-)

Anyways you can fix this by right-clicking on the klipper icon (usually on the bottom right of your taskbar, looks like a clipboard) and going into the preferences.  There are several ways to get rid of this behavior.  You can disable actions in general, disable actions for URL's only, etc.  Experiment with the settings to find the solution that works best for you.

IMHO, cut/paste is one of the areas that still isn't quite "there" yet on Linux!

Good luck!

asciimanAuthor Commented:
Ah! Peace at last!  Thank you so much!

I don't use cut/copy and paste anyway, I use the middle mouse button.

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