flexgrid problem.........need an urgent help

when the form is loaded there will be a fixed row having particular no of columns labeled as per specified.but later depending upon the the item selected from the combo some columns r to be deleted.
i tried this by using refresh as well as clear method
but that didnt serve my purpose so i tried using removeitem and additem method but still my purpose is not fulfilled.....it shows some error.if u can provide code i will be thankful
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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Hi sms2k,

You cannot remove a column except for the last column in the grid (by setting .Cols = .Cols - 1) or similar. If you want to remove a column that is not at the right-hand end of the grid then you need to either transfer the data from column x to x - 1 and so on until you have enough free columns at the end to remove. Alternatively simply set the .ColWidth(ColumNo) property = 0 to hide the column. This could prove faster and easier, also if you later decide to reinstate the data you do not have to repopulate this column.


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