insert file text attachment in a body field

I receive mails with file TXT attachments
I want to modify the body field of this mail by adding the content of this TXT file attachment

any idea ?
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You could write a new mail agent to look for .txt file attachments in your incoming mail, and if they are found, detach them, then read their contents into memory and write (append) the contents to the Body field of the email.
AlainLimogesAuthor Commented:
have you a script exemple, I'm not specialist of LotuScript
AlainLimogesAuthor Commented:
have you a script exemple, I'm not specialist of LotuScript
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AlainLimogesAuthor Commented:
have you a script exemple, I'm not specialist of LotuScript
Set s = New NotesSession
Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
Set col = db.UnprocessedDocuments
Set doc = col.GetFirstDocument

While Not (doc Is Nothing)

     Forall o in doc.EmbeddedObjects

          If o.Type = EMBED_ATTACHMENT And Lcase$(Right$(o.Name,4)) = ".txt" Then

               s.ConvertMime = True
               Set body = doc.GetFirstItem("Body")

               FilePath$ = "C:\temp\" & o.Name
               Call o.ExtractFile(FilePath$)
               FileNum% = FreeFile()
               Open FilePath$ For Input As FileNum%

               Do While Not EOF(FileNum%)

                    Line Input #FileNum%,temp$
                    Call body.AppendText(temp$)
                    Call body.AddNewLine(1)


               Call doc.Save(True,False)
               Close #FileNum%
               Kill FilePath$

          End If

     End Forall

     Set doc = col.GetNextDocument(doc)

Put the above into a new mail agent in your mail database. Whoever saves the agent (that's you) must be listed in the "Allowed to run unrestricted LotusScript agents" field in the Server document for the server where your mail file is hosted. In the example above I have set C:\temp\ as the temporary folder where the detached files will be stored and read from. After reading their contents and appending them to the body of the mail, the detached files are deleted. The folder C:\temp\ must exist ON THE SERVER, not the client, otherwise the script will generate an error.



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AlainLimogesAuthor Commented:
ok thanks a lot
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