re-installing extensions

I was having some problems with FP extensions (2000) running on my netscape server.
I decided to re-install the extensions.
I ran the ./fpsrvadm command to uninstall the extensions.
ran it again to install them and get the error:
cannot open file .nsconfig for read/write
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Not too sure what release of FP 2000 you have but here is a link that details the installation of the extensions as well as a link on where to download the extensions (just in case):;EN-US;215481

You might also review this page as well:;en-us;216749

candiloveAuthor Commented:
should I did a regular "uninstall", should I do a full uninstall of the extensions and start over?

Will this delete the content of my web?
candiloveAuthor Commented:
that last comment should read:

I did a "regular" uninstall. should I do a full uininstall of the extensions and start over?

will this delete the content of my web?
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Yes - do a full uninstall of the extensions.  No, it will not delete your web.

candiloveAuthor Commented:
I did a full uninstall using fpsrvadm
manually removed the .nsconfig files
get the same error and the same .nsconfig files come back

should I delete the whole frontpage directory and all of the _vti files?
Well if you delete the while front page directory - you will delete your web site if I am understanding your question properly.  

When you re-installed the extensions, did you follow this site:;EN-US;215481 - also have you considered downloading the from the MS site just to make sure you have the most current program?

candiloveAuthor Commented:
Yes. I downloaded the tar file, and followed the site.

my web content is in
../docs directory.
I want to know if I can/should delete all of the frontpage files within this directory. the ones that start with _vti etc. I thought doing a full uninstall would get rid of these files.

And also delete the frontpage directory that is in /usr/local

It appears that when I run the it will create it again because it checks to see if it exists and asked if I wanted to overwrite and I said yes.

the weird thing is: I manually remove the .nsconfig files
within the ../doc directory and when I run the install (using the script or fpsrvadm) they come back.

Have you tried also going into Frontpage & go to Tools - Recalculate Hyperlinks.  This is what actually creates those _vta files - not frontpage extensions.  I do not think that should have an affect, but you never know.


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