duplicateMovieClip to parent

I have created a sub-stage(movie clip, it is actually a rectangle without fill) and a movie clip with instance name "box" on the main stage.

Inside the sub-stage, there is a button. I set the following script and wish the button can trigger duplicateMovieClip and generate a new movie clip on the main stage.

on (release) {
        //Can be done by attachMovie!!!
     //_parent.box2._x = 100;
     //_parent.box2._y = 200;

     _parent.box2._x = 100;

I can do what I want by using attachMovie, but I don't know why I can't do this by duplicateMovieClip! Is there anything wrong with the notation? Or it is not possible to do that to the parent by using duplicateMovieClip?? Please advise..

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i think u can only duplicate movieclips in the same container, same timeline .....


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henryww is correct....  note that it only lasts for the current frame too.

thanks for the confirmation O

how's it going with the chatroom ... ? it is open for public yet?

let me know when it is done, i will be a memeber too :)
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Been a little busy the past week, haven't really had too much time...  the chat logic is there now, just need to make a nice environment for it.

i haven't been able to post too much stuff on here either... =(

i know ... i haven't seen u around lately...
i was hoping u can give us a hand here ... :)
wanna see u in the top 15 soon ...
right now it is 4:00.  i am freaking out because i have to go to court today!  :(

oh the stress....
oh why ... what have u done???
told u not to mess with all the ladies u met at the bar.... and u don't listen.... sigh ....
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